Aerial view of InsightFuel

Aerial view of InsightFuel

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Transportation is part of our way of life and is necessary to ensure our prosperity. Yet, transportation is the second largest producer of greenhouse gas in the US, and the majority of these gas emissions result from the combustion of petroleum-based products like diesel and gasoline.  

InsightFuel is a refreshingly new idea.  We help our customers in the clean fuel transportation business and reduce the cost penalty associated with green technology, thereby supporting the growth and widespread use of clean fuel throughout the transportation sector.  

We enable green tech by producing fuel systems and components for vehicles used for on and off-road transportation, and their fueling infrastructure with new and highly efficient methods and innovative materials.

InsightFuel is a merger of two businesses incubated by SSP, a 90-year old manufacturer of high performance valves & fittings 100% Made in USA.  

InsightFuel combines AFV, a producer of natural gas vehicle (NGV) and propane autogas fuel lines and components, with CNG Plus, a construction services business helping contractors build compressed natural gas (CNG) stations faster and safer with new materials and methods.  

InsightFuel was born from entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for clean energy transportation, and a solid rooting in world-class manufacturing principles and systems.  

Imagine how different your life would be without transportation.  Transportation in its various forms takes us to work and school.  It delivers virtually all of the products that we buy.  It’s the object of many of our hobbies and passions. It brings us back together as a family each evening. Most forms of transportation use fossil fuels, which have been bountiful and cheap.

InsightFuel realized our continued use of fossil fuels as a country damages our health and possibly even our viability on earth.

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Introducing InsightFuel – a refreshingly new idea in clean fuel transportation.

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