Fueling Hose Repair

What do you do when your fueling hose fails? Does your supplier give you an option to reuse parts and then test the assembly, or is that “your call” to put it back together and determine it’s safe? Do you have a spare, or a maintenance crew who can fix it immediately for you? If not, you have come to the right place! Let us repair and re-certify, or replace, your failed hose. We can even send you a loaner to reduce your down time!

Our time fill hose.

NGV 4.2 Certified Fueling Hose.

Station Expansion

If you have added to your fleet since you built your station, this program might just be what you are looking for! Our Minimally Invasive Station Expansion Program offers a fast and cost effective way to add up to 14 new fueling points to your existing yard!

Our Minimally Invasive Station Expansion Program features this truss design

Our Minimally Invasive Station Expansion Program features an overhead truss design

Repair and Upgrade

Many stations are approaching their service mid-life.  Bring your station into compliance with current codes and best practices while improving its operational performance and safety.

flexed pressured supply line

Pressured supply lines expand and contract with temperature changes. Lines which cannot flex oftentimes bow and require replacement.