Giant Eagle CNG Dispenser Hose

CNG Dispenser hoses at Giant Eagle. We can evaluate your failed hose, then repair and re-certify or simply replace it, at your discretion.

When a CNG hose fails, where do you find a replacement?

The dispenser or time fill post is decommissioned while you search for a solution, so you are forced to make quick and costly decisions.

InsightFuel has a solution to this problem.

When a hose fails, we will:

Send a loaner overnight.

  • Simply show us the hose connection points on the post or dispenser with a picture.

Refurbish your hose.

  • Send us your failed hose. We will evaluate the hose assembly and give a refurbishment estimate. We will then build a replacement hose and reuse any of the assembly components that are reusable.