Aluminum Truss

Our aluminum truss is built offsite so we can build your expansion faster.

We have re-imagined the way fleet fueling can be performed to reduce installation cost and time.

Add up to 14 new fueling points to your existing yard in 1 week for $100,000 or less.

How does it work?

The way we have been able to offer additional fueling capacity in such a short period of time at a relatively low cost is through the use of an aluminum truss system.

The truss is 54′ long and pre-built offsite. We usually just need to dig a narrow trench from wherever your existing fueling terminates to the base of the truss, and then dig two 3′ deep x 26″ diameter holes to concrete the columns in place. The rest of the work is all above ground.

As a result, it is fast to install and usually doesn’t require permits.