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Process Overview

Traditional high pressure piping installation materials and methods can add 25% more cost to an already expensive project, and take upwards of four to six weeks to complete.

InsightFuel helps build stations faster and safer with new materials and methods.  Tasks typically lasting weeks can now be done in days, or even hours!

We work with the Developer, Construction Manager, General Contractor or Mechanical Contractor from the beginning to the end of a construction project.   At the beginning, we interface with the architects and designers to ensure that the piping specification and mechanical piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) are current and complete.  

Using the project plans, we create a take-off identifying high pressure piping materials and job site tooling that will be necessary to complete the build.  Think of it like an Ikea project – ready-to-assemble.

At this point, InsightFuel either acts as a CNG subcontractor or what we call an Overlay Specialist – it just depends on who turns the wrench!  As CNG subcontractor, an InsightFuel work crew, or a crew from one of our Service Centers will bring all of the materials and job site tooling to the project.  We will perform the scope of work required by the General Contractor, Construction Manager, or Mechanical Contractor to whom we report, usually including:

  • Installation of underground and above ground high pressure piping
  • Installation of high pressure interconnections with the equipment starting from compressor discharge
  • Hydrostatic testing of above

As an Overlay Specialist, we usually work for the Mechanical Contractor.  We implement our system through the contractor’s crew.  The Overlay Specialist coordinates the delivery of all the required materials and tooling needed for the high pressure connections, conduct on-site training, and oversee the safe and successful completion of the installation before reclaiming the temporary job site tools.

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View our quick reference guide to see how we are able to help build stations faster and safer.

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