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“Roll Tide Roll” Underground Tubing Installed In One Day Versus Typical Full Week of Open Trenches


In May 2014, r. Anthony enterprises of Marion, Ohio was contracted to build a private natural gas fueling station for EverGreen Transport in Calera, Alabama.  Evergreen Transport is a truckload carrier that was migrating its fleet to run on natural gas fuel.

The construction plan called for two CNG dispensers with 3 lines of ¾ inch stainless steel tubing be run to each dispenser with a 300’ long, ½ inch vent line.

The job site required that the trenches used for natural gas fuel lines be closed very quickly, as open trenches cause major safety issues and potential schedule delays if flooding and trench collapse occur.


Rocco Piacentino, Owner of r. Anthony enterprises along with Brian Bower, Construction Manager, recommended the use of ¾” OD CNG Plus stainless steel coiled tubing for the project.  CNG Plus coiled tubing is easy to transport to the job site and uncoil, saving time and money.

This was an ambitious project, as Piacentino and his team were using ¾ inch coiled tubing for the very first time. Piacentino was supported by Gregg Lennon and Tom Foos to supply the material and jobsite tooling needed to complete the installation.  Lennon traveled to Calera, AL to conduct a multi-hour, evening training seminar and assist with the underground tubing installation the following day.

Traditionally, welded pipe or stainless steel stick tubing is used for below ground natural gas lines. The challenge of high pressure welded pipe or tube is that is it requires multiple welds (potential leak points above/below ground) and is a labor and time intensive operation. Also, using the aforementioned method would require trenches to be open for 5-to-7 days, requiring r. Anthony enterprises to contend with uncontrollable variables while delaying the completion of the project.


The EverGreen private fleet fueling station was completed in less time than anticipated. Piacentino had budgeted the below ground fuel lines to be completed in three-to-four days, but installation only took one day. The stainless steel coiled tubing went in like Alabama: ‘Roll Tide Roll!’, says Chuck Talbot, Director of Maintenance at EverGreen.

CNG Plus materials and methods reduce liability and increase site safety.

r. Anthony enterprises has continued to work with InsightFuel for the installation of 20+ stations nationally.  “InsightFuel will make any good mechanical team great. Yes, the interconnect tubing is a phenomenal product, but InsightFuel really wins with its people and their intellectual capital”, says Piacentino.



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