Posted May 17, 2018

Eddie Murphy crounched behind a car putting a banana in the tailpipe.

Eddie Murphy- Beverly Hills Cop

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InsightFuel can help

Perhaps more insidious than a banana in your tailpipe (Great Eddie Murphy movie-Beverly Hills Cop) is oil in your fuel line.

Otherwise known as “oil carryover”, oil in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) systems is something that every system designer must plan for and every system maintenance technician must deal with regularly. Coalescing filter selection and placement throughout the system is intended to remove as much debris, moisture and oil as possible.

Cross section of a CNG gas cylinder showing the flow of gas. A) Entering the cylinder down an inlet tube. B) Apertures in the inlet tube are sized to cool the gas and assist in droplet formation. C) Gas expelled from the outlet tube apertures creates a vortex which cascades the gas stream against the cylinder wall and slows down the stream velocity sufficiently for droplets to fall out and collect on the bottom. D) Oil is expelled through a drain tube using internal pressure regulated by a needle valve.

InsightFuel’s Filter Strainer units allow oil to be accumulated in the separation cylinder to later be purged from the tank during scheduled maintenance.

Another product which InsightFuel can provide is a two cylinder oil separation system (see the picture). These filter-strainer units allow oil to be accumulated in the separation cylinder while the high pressure system remains operational and then, during a scheduled maintenance downtime, the accumulated oil can be purged from the tank. This system assists a sound filtering design by mechanically separating most of the oil from the gas stream before it encounters filter elements downstream or, worse yet, fuel system components.

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