Posted October 4, 2018

ACT News-Vogel Article Highlights InsightFuel’s Contribution


Sometimes I have to hunt for, or extract from people, content to write a blog post and send a newsletter that explains effectively the scope and breadth of what InsightFuel can do. And then there are times when we are fortunate enough and thankful to be broadly mentioned in a published article covering the terrific projects completed, or in the process of being completed, by one of our customers. ACT News recently interviewed Ed Vogel Jr. to learn more about his plans for the future of their new RNG Venture, Lego-V. I encourage you to click here to read the ACT News Executive Interview.


After you read the article, feel free to come back to our website and see how InsightFuel can help with your project. You can also call to speak with our Applications Engineer, Gregg Lennon, at 330-998-7380 ext 422.