InsightFuel was formed by combining the leadership teams from five established businesses that are focused on growing the natural gas market for transportation and energy. Our mission is driven by the need to reduce smog-forming emissions from the transportation sector so that we can restore healthful air to the 125 million Americans living in regions with air that the federal Clean Air Act deems unsafe to breathe. We also recognize the need for the U.S. to aggressively reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as a means to combat global climate change.

Our leadership team’s knowledge and experience really provide a backbone for us to succeed in our mission. Bob has developed a network of CNG fueling stations around his transportable plug-and-play station platform while Jeff’s background as former CEO of SSP contributes to him continuing to create new strategies for the alternative fuel industry.

While we are dedicated to making a big impact, we are not looking to make a big splash. So you won’t see our name on the canopy or in the headlines. We want to be the guys behind the scenes helping make the project or product successful and profitable for the owner, operator, or OEM. We can slot ourselves into our industry’s supply chain anywhere from being a supplier of parts we know work optimally because we use them ourselves, to a partner in a build project helping get grant applications, permits, and providing efficient project management. And everything in between.

And in these ways, we’ll accomplish our mission.

A merger of five established businesses:

A CNG station developer and operator

An experienced CNG station mechanical contractor

Materials & methods to build CNG stations faster & safer

A producer of natural gas vehicle fuel systems

A converter of light duty vehicles