Spec Sheets

0.500″ X 0.070″ Coiled Tubing
0.750″ x 0.104″ Coiled Tubing
1.000″ x 0.139″ Coiled Tubing
HDPE Conduit

Above Ground
0.375″ x 0.049″ Stick Tubing
0.500″ x 0.065″ Stick Tubing
0.750″ x 0.109″ Stick Tubing
1.000″ x 0.120″ MW Stick Tubing
Duolok Fittings
Soft-Seal Fittings
Fueling Valve
Shut-Off Ball Valve Spec
Vent & Drain Valve
Coalescing Filter Drain Valve
Distribution Manifold
Check Valve

Methods – Installation
Puller/Swivel spec sheet
Saw Guide spec sheet
Hand Tube Bender spec sheet
Tubing Straightener TS-1
Tubing Straightener TS-2
Orbital Welder & Alignment Fixture spec sheet
Hydraulic Swage Tool spec sheet
Electric Tube Bender
Tube Flanger (Versatool) spec sheet
Shut-Off Valve Maintenance Instructions

Methods – Inspection
Depth Measurement Tool spec sheet
Liquid Leak Detector spec sheet
Orbital Weld WPS

Overlay Specialist Service PDF

Standard Piping Specification PDF
Hydro Test PDF
Duolok Fitting Test with 1.000″ x 0.120″ MW Tubing
Duolok Fitting test with 1.000″ x 0.134″ AW Tubing
Duolok Fitting Test with 1.000″ x 0.139″ Tubing
Shut-Off Ball Valve Test
Needle Valve test
Rising Plug Valve test
Fueling Valve test
0.750″ x 0.104″ Welded Tube Assembly Specification